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About Us

ColoRon is a family-run boutique Post Production Studio, located in the heart of the Tel Aviv industrial area.


We use the most advanced and updated technology on the market to provide our clients with high-end products that meet global standards.

ColoRon's Mottos are:  professionalism, integrity, creativity, innovativeness and excellent service.


Any questions? We'll be more than happy to invite you to our studio to talk.


Meet The Team


Shira Chait

Junior Colorist

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Guy Gabriel
Studio Technician

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Shiri Kuban
Studio Technician


Ron Ben Meir 

CEO, Senior Colorist

Hi, I am Ron -  a colorist specializing in Feature Films, TV Series, Documentary Films, and TV Commercials, with more than 10 years of experience.

A few years ago, following extensive studying and global market research on color grading, and led by my love and passion for the profession, I opened my business - ColoRon studio.

ColoRon is more than just a studio- it's a home, for us and for our clients. 


Maya Ben Meir

Studio Director

Hi, I am Maya - studio director and mother of three. Having spent years managing in big corporations, it has always been our dream to expand Ron's color studio into something boutique and intimate.

We value our clients' happiness above all, and offer 24/7 support for all projects. 

2010 - present
2010 - present
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